Soc.io eReader

By  Giga Market Ltd.

Released:15 May 2012
Version: 1.2.1
Installs: >10000
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Soc.io™ eReader is a feature rich and free e-reading app for Android smartphones and tablets with access to over 38.000+ eBook titles from the Soc.io™ Mall Bookstore. The natural and easy-to-use interface makes Soc.io eReader a champion Android app for comfortable e-reading experience and a great organizer of your digital library. It is the closest you can get to your eBook! Soc.io eReader is compatible with Android OS 2.0 and up, including the latest Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich (ICS) and accepts the EPUB book format. Features: - Display your library in 3 unique view modes: List, Shelves and Single view. - Sort books by title, author, rating and recently open - Option to download and browse 38.000 books from Soc.io Mall - Switch through Day, Night, Dark and Sunny reading themes - Search books by titles and authors - In-book search for words and phrases on Google or Wikipedia - Create bookmarks and highlight text - Table of contents (TOC) navigation and Go-to slider - Change text size while reading (small, medium, large, extra large) - Supports EPUB book format - Scan and Import books from your device - Restore deleted books - Create custom book collections - Bonus: Preinstalled EPUB user guide book


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BambiIL2014-01-02 07:03:02


haley adkins502432014-11-01 10:41:01

This is app awesome!!!!!

emmabohanan@yahoo.com2013-23-11 01:33:11

works perfect for me great

catharvey2013-08-09 01:07:34

Like the turning pages, but there could be more books to choose from.

lovingkindness2013-13-08 01:16:11

so cool thanks for helping

tperson2013-17-06 07:05:34


nicer2013-12-06 04:08:55

I can't even open the book I want

marirodas:-) 252013-09-06 11:26:42

how can I make the books that I download get in rhis app

hamster on a piano 2013-04-04 02:08:53

This is a load of fruit

sadischavez2013-02-04 06:37:29

I wonder wat other books there are

dojo diddy2013-25-03 01:33:49

if I had books man would it be fun on the one I already have.

ScrogginsSavannah2013-24-03 02:20:38

this is awesome, and ITS recommend it for everyone.

alexagaither2013-23-03 09:22:53


alexagaither2013-23-03 09:22:50


alexagaither2013-23-03 09:22:50


alexagaither2013-23-03 09:22:47


alexagaither2013-23-03 09:22:46


kaliauaozio2013-19-03 12:34:42

I love reading

marypatala232013-01-03 10:18:34

they need to add the latest books that are and have been out in stores

emanoeld012013-19-02 03:19:54

it is extremly awzome

rosieh2013-17-02 03:09:08

how do I read this

rosieh2013-17-02 03:08:25

I love reading to.

madis2013-08-02 05:32:36

I love this

nick082013-20-01 09:57:53

I bet I would like it once I get it figured out

carebeara2013-15-01 11:23:41

fuck this

AshleeDeatherage2013-12-01 06:55:57

I love to read to

rkazanova2012-19-11 12:20:02

simple ereader

cuthair2012-12-11 05:03:22

love to read!

uglyb2012-31-10 08:37:40


mmemhathor2012-22-10 06:28:48

good l h

SolizArmando572012-18-10 05:38:22


thaw2012-30-06 04:56:18

good app

duncan2012-28-06 11:39:23

there's not as many books in the store as it shows in the picture.

sajid2012-24-06 07:25:10

good application. give you plateform to read books

rpgguy2012-23-06 05:22:03

Great ebook reader

mark.gutrer2012-10-05 11:49:02


tnxnbye2012-27-04 12:59:51

excellent! tnx!

Elena2012-25-04 09:35:51


gjhhh2012-20-04 09:30:55


bigmommashouse22012-12-04 12:09:41

good very good

Seed2012-21-03 09:22:02

I like this application very much,great job!

DanielaA2012-17-03 05:00:47

Great app!

Glauber 2012-12-03 07:55:10

It's a very good!!!