Audible TTS (Beta)
By flikxxi
Released:20 Mar 2014
Version: 0.19.1 / Multimedia::Speech
Installs: 101-500
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Audible TTS reads text aloud from other apps, the clipboard or even Text files. It can get text from applications such as Feedme or K9-Mail, the clipboard (using Copy and Paste) or even text files from the MicroSD. It also reads each sentence using the proper language and voice in mixed texts, without having to select it manually. Texts and menus are in: English, Spanish and Polish. Help of: English and Spanish. A voice synthesizer (such as PICO, SVOX or IVONA) is needed and voices for the languages ​​to be used. Usually devices has PICO by default. Audible TTS can be used by: -Feed readers: -FeedMe (Google Reader/RSS) -JustReader News-RSS -EasyRSS (Google Reader|RSS) -RssDemon News & Podcast Reader -Feed+ News&Podcast Reader -E-mail readers: -K9-Mail -File Explorers: -OI File Manager -FO -ER Explorer(File Manager) -Solid Explorer Text and Menus are translates into: English, Spanish and Polish. Help is translated into: English and Spanish. Languages supported for reading are: - Czech/Čeština - Danish/Danske - German/Deutsch - English - Spanish/Español - French/Français - Italian/Italiano - Dutch/Nederlands - Polish/Polski - Portuguese/Português - Finnish/Suomi - Swedish/Svenska - Turkish/Türkçe - Greek/Ελληνικά - Russian/Русский - Arabic/العربي - Thai/ไทย - Korean/한국어 - Chinese/中文 - Japanese/日本語 There are plans to add the following languages: Czech, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Slovak, Hungarian, Greek, Thai, Romanian, Icelandic and Welsh. Not in that order. Special Thanks: - Mikolaj Rydzewski (for Polish translation and advice)



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EmilySchmaelzle20132013-16-06 06:21:06

Does not work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The publisher(flikxxi) posted the following reply to this comment:

can you give more info? Do you have installed an speech engine?

bellanaylor2013-09-02 11:26:02

do NOT get this app it sucks

The publisher(flikxxi) posted the following reply to this comment:

Why? Please read the app help first.