EpDetect (epileptic seizures)

By  Robert Dlugosz

Released:07 Oct 2011
Version: 1.0.0 beta 3
Installs: 0-100
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EpDetect is an accelerometer based mobile phone application that uses advanced signal processing to detect epileptic seizures. It runs on most mobile phones that support SMS messaging, movement detection and GPS position location. EpDetect will monitor the movement of the person while the phone is in their pocket or worn on a belt. The software will differentiate the movements associated with epilepsy from normal movement. When a seizure is detected it will warn the person that it is about to send an SMS message to a carer, in the case of a false alarm the person will be able to cancel the SMS alert. The SMS message contains time, GPS coordinates (if the phone has GPS) and a short message, allowing the carer to raise the alarm and take remedial action or call an ambulance. When the person recovers they press a button to cancel the alarm, which will initiate an end of emergency SMS message.


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cookie672011-21-10 10:56:01

This is not just an app it is a life changing app for the better with this debilitating condition. It has helped me gain my confidence in getting back my independence when I go outside the house. All tried and tested A+ + +