Gulliver's Travels / Into Several R

Jonathan Swift

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bottno2014-01-09 06:26:12.906

serious great satire. good for centuries

kyeremeh kwabena james2013-09-08 23:08:25.784

i really like it

rissamay2013-07-09 05:15:54.869

awsome book fyi get the social reader app

rayaroo2013-04-29 05:32:36.769

how do u read this :-)

keke472013-04-20 04:11:40.389

Love it so much

mini chubbz2013-04-19 04:47:59.494


rissamay2013-03-03 23:05:07.247

stop with the dumb

Jaylah 2013-02-22 00:25:28.566

I love this book

azura2013-02-15 03:26:14.151


donnahale2013-02-13 02:48:09.495


ashanaeflannings2013-02-11 20:17:09.334

sound dumd I'm with yall

brooklynn872013-02-03 20:44:22.189

ok now it is so dumb can someone help me delete it

brooklynn872013-02-03 20:42:58.26

what a great book

neiderkids2013-02-03 11:50:53.963

how do I delete it? it won't let me

Madeleine L 2013-01-30 23:18:50.963

u r stupid hottylol

hottylol2013-01-20 21:11:11.744

u are so stupidiloveonedirection12

live&love2013-01-20 20:55:54.614


niyahbookie2013-01-20 06:00:43.679

who is a ---

iloveonedirection122013-01-19 06:26:51.408

is this based on the showwwwwww:-)

poison2013-01-11 04:23:33.04

ok I'm tiper

tiper2013-01-10 23:01:28.62

and if you do trick I will punch you in yours cause you are a cruel person for saying the word hate to someone u probably don't know but if you want a upper cut right in your stomach then holla at me. tiper,out:-)

tiper2013-01-09 01:14:46.785

yep I said it brittanyA is right

tiper2013-01-09 01:13:58.217

mdog you stink

BrittanyA2013-01-07 01:50:31.965

I'm so bored but mdog is so mean:-)

BrittanyA2013-01-07 01:37:34.008

Your so mean

mdog4g2012-12-28 10:12:14.667

fuck you I hate you I rwill punch you n the fave

mdog4g2012-12-28 10:11:39.676

cunt ass bitches

cmm77772012-08-26 19:58:33.558


mhayes9872012-08-07 18:43:44.265

Love this

katesears2012-07-30 15:54:35.761

love to read it soon I have read so many already

richard jennings2012-07-07 20:05:00.017

very. good. rwad

heatweat2012-07-02 06:24:37.889


maddy06072012-06-16 02:11:27.989

I love this book

maddy06072012-06-16 02:11:18.315

I love this book

cocoa19432012-03-21 19:16:42.932

nice read

wim662012-03-13 22:28:06.769

love it nice to read

suloddo2012-03-10 18:28:01.291

great i like it, thank you very mush for the book.

Seed2012-02-21 10:41:19.759


Seed2012-02-21 10:39:48.205

daniel.de2011-10-11 11:46:50.668

Nice book

Raviteq2011-07-06 00:19:42.139